Why Choose A Professional Office In Montreal?

Whether you are a lawyer, a notary, an accountant, a web developer or simply an entrepreneur, do not hesitate to settle in the city of Montreal. It is an ideal choice for expanding your clientele and developing your business thanks to the favorable environment of this economic hub. In the following we will focus on the advantages offered by Montreal to rent your closed office or coworking space.

Montreal in numbers

  • 24% of the population of Quebec and 35% of its economic activity
  • GDP of $ 131 billion in 2017
  • An active population of over 1.1 million people
  • Real estate spending of $ 13.4 billion in 2017
  • $ 2.5 billion investment in non-residential construction
  • Record number of 11.1 million tourists in 2017
  • A strong banking system that is one of the most reliable in the world

A Dynamic Market

With an employment growth rate of 8.5% in recent years, the greater Montreal region is at the top of the list of the most dynamic regions in North America. The greater Montreal region offers a force of innovation and a climate of collaboration favorable to entrepreneurs and employers in various fields.

The Most Competitive Operating Costs In North America

Running a business costs less in Montreal. The cost advantage is more than 10% on average compared to 19 other major cities in North America. This competitiveness is supported by competitive salaries despite a high rate of university graduates and experts, moderate rent and electricity costs and low social costs for employers.

How To Find An Office For Rent In Montreal?

To find a turnkey office for rent in Montreal that suits your professional expectations as well as your budget, simply contact your office rental specialist in Montreal – louerbureauamontreal.com. We will be your only point of contact to meet all your office rental needs.

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